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A financially sustainable business with a positive impact on the Ocean is possible.Join the private group of investors and aspiring investors in Ocean Sustainability.Inform – Learn – Support

  • Exchange knowledge, experiences, and mutual support

  • Develop viable industry standards

  • Receive practical support and learn from experienced fellow investors

  • Learn from Ocean Sustainability experts

  • Help your peers spot business opportunities in Ocean Sustainability


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Who is Leonardo

Hello and welcome,
I'm Leonardo Zangrando, Changemakers Activator.
in 2017 I founded Startup Wharf, the first community of startups in the maritime space, which has spawned the adoption of startup-driven innovation in the shipping sector.
I authored several reports on the digitalisation of Trade which were presented to the House of Commons by the then Minister of Shipping, Hon. Nusrat Ghani.
In 2022 I changed my focus from shipping to Ocean Sustainability, supporting startups in that space.
In parallel to activating innovation in the Ocean industries, since 2021 I have been the producer of TEDxCowes, with the objective to inspire people to ACTION for Ocean Sustainability. I coached all the speakers, who collectively reached over 340k views on TEDx youtube channel.
My moonshot project One&Ocean aims to inspire 100 million people to take ACTION for Ocean Sustainability. One&Ocean will take me around the world sailing to the most remote places where people are taking ACTION for the Ocean.
The Oceanic Wealth private community is part of my mission to activate Ocean Sustainability. I want Oceanic Wealth to inspire and guide investors who are interested in Ocean Sustainability but did not take the leap yet. I want to put them in touch with those investors who did it, and catalyse a movement for change.


Leonardo Zangrando